AikoSOLAR is one of the world’s leading PERC cell vendors in solar cell R&D, manufacturing and sales business and has the production and supply capacity with first-class PERC cell manufacturing technology. The company has four production bases in Foshan, Yiwu, Tianjin and Zhuhai. The company has a strong presence in international markets with products sold in Korea, Japan, India and Europe. As a world-class cell exporter, Aiguang Solar has earned the trust of crystalline silicon module manufacturers worldwide. AiguangSolar has established an international R&D team with members from all over the world, and Yiwuthat has established a joint R&D center in integrated industrial chain resources. AiguangSolar is constantly developing new technologies to provide customers with products that deliver higher efficiency, reliability and power generation. With the philosophy of creating a unique competitive advantage for customers and supporting their commercial success, Aiko Solar is committed to rapid development with strong support from the capital market and is ready to respond to the challenges and pressures of customer interests. At Aiko Solar, we focus on providing complete solutions and services for our customers and are continuously committed to creating more value for our customers.

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