Engineering and Design

One of the most important issues in the investments to be made is the engineering of the investment. In this sense, the general planning team, consisting of architects, engineers and project developers working towards the best project design of the investments, steps in at the first stage of the project and ensures that the structure of the investment is located in the most appropriate way on the available land. The architectural team, which examines the entire architectural and cultural texture of the city and develops investments in perfect harmony with the existing local architectural texture, guarantees functionality with its innovative and original architectural plans. Aiming to reduce production costs, shorten production time and increase product quality by adding the latest innovations to the continuous product development process K&P Energyprovides turnkey solutions to its customers by providing the necessary technologies, installation, technical support and maintenance services in all service areas.

  • Preparation of Project Brief
  • Architectural Concept Design
  • Architectural License Project
  • Architectural Application Project
  • Interior Architecture Concept Project
  • Interior Architecture Application Project
  • Creation of technical drawings
  • Creation of 3D Models
  • Structural Static Project
  • Electricity Project
  • Mechanical Project
  • Infrastructure Project
  • Fire Project
  • Landscape Project
  • Operation Project
  • Site Specific Development Studies
  • Formal Procedure Studies
  • Audit
  • Site Control
  • Equipment and material control
  • Licenses and Approvals
  • Work Safety

Evaluate Your Investments

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