Investment Management Services

Service Content

Investment Management Consultancy

  • International Investment Management Consultancy
  • Market Analysis Consultancy
  • Competitor Analysis Consultancy,
  • Customer Segmentation and Customer Analytics
  • Legal Contract Design and Process Management Consultancy

Investment Opportunities and Investment Alternatives Presentation

  • Presentation of International Investment Opportunities Alternatives and Summary Feasibilities
  • Business Lines of Investment in Different Countries
  • Detailed Opportunity Research and Analysis for a Special Line of Business

Concept and Brand Development Consultancy

  • Brand Concept Creation and Branding consultancy
  • Consultancy for creating Hotel Concepts
  • Consultancy for creating Restaurant Concepts
  • SPA development and management consultancy

Investment Projects Development Consultancy

  • Land Topographic structure and geographical impacts consultancy
  • Project Management and Project Development Consultancy
  • Architectural, Interior Architecture, Static, MEP, Landscape Design Services Consultancy
  • Consultancy on Project Works Quantities and construction product selection
  • Equipment and Material Selection Consultancy
  • Consultancy on Creating BoQ Bill of Quantities and Backlogs

Investment Budget and Feasibility Services

  • Construction budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis Consultancy
  • Investment finance advisory
  • Construction Tenders process management consultancy,

Construction Construction Process Consultancy

  • Project management technical services, procurement, logistics consultancy
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Progress Payment system installation consultancy
  • Construction Mobilization and demobilization services consultancy
  • Material cost research consultancy and procurement services management consultancy
  • Consultancy on procurement of construction materials, consumables and operating supplies

Business and Facility Management Consultancy

Support is provided during the design and construction phase to ensure that the project can be operated sustainably and effectively after opening.

  • Business management consulting
  • Personnel management consultancy
  • Maintenance and repair management consultancy

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