Construction and Engineering Sector

Engineer architect designer freelance work on start-up project drawing, construction plan

Engineering and design projects require the integrated and dedicated work of multiple areas. The transformation of the engineering and construction sector has reached a critical crossroads. Organizations are being forced to adapt to this fundamental shift, reassess what can be achieved, and act on a new vision for the future of the industry, with these key changes including smart cities, modularity, growing markets and regulation.

Our engineering and construction team has a wealth of operational, financial and strategic knowledge. K&P Energyleverages its unique E&C experience and skills. We also have an innovative, digital strategy. With our significant risk, tax, audit and assurance capabilities, we aim to help you move boldly and confidently into the future of the industry. We carry out a successful integration process between all project disciplines with our experienced engineers, experts and consultants in our projects carried out in various sectors that require expertise in different fields such as static, architectural, electrical and mechanical design.

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